TEDxHull – “How Do You Kill a Theory?” Video

After coming back from yesterday’s #TEDxImperialCollege, I finally plucked up the courage to watch the TEDx talk I gave at February’s #TEDxHull. All ten videos from Hull’s first (and, I must say, perfectly executed) TEDx event were released online last week. My talk, which opened the day’s proceedings, is embedded below:


However, I really would recommend watching all of them. I thought that one of the best things about the day was how the theme of “Beyond Limits” threaded through each of the speakers‘ chosen topics, even with such a wide variety of subjects on offer. I think that’s a testament to the organisers’ shrewd selection process, and their incredibly helpful and constructive feedback in the weeks leading up to the event. The #TEDxHull team did a fantastic job, and if they captured the spirit of Hull in the same way that #TEDxImperialCollege so successfully embodied everything I’ve come to appreciate about my employer, they really have done Hull very proud indeed. It was an honour and a pleasure to take part.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the talk. It’s very much a supersymmetric extension of my FameLab winning talk**. There’s plenty of Large Hadron Collider, all-permeating supercustard, and the very nature of science itself, but (mainly thanks to @jellybabyfizzer‘s influence) there’s even a shout-out for Thomas Kuhn***. Huge thanks to Gareth Moulton of CurvedLight for editing the videos together.

IN OTHER NEWS: I’ll be performing at the wonderful Helen Arney‘s “Domestic Science” show on Tuesday – full details (and tickets) here. Hope to see you there!



* And I really hope it is the first of many.

** Talking of which – congratulations to Andrew Steele, who is (as of Wednesday 21st March) the new FameLab champion!

*** I may, or may not, come perilously close to suggesting that supersymmetry represents a “crisis point” in particle physics.

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