The Banana Equivalent Dose Song

(…a.k.a. “And So To BED”.)

I’m bashing this post out from my hotel at the The Times Cheltenham Science Festival, where last night you might have been lucky enough to hear some science-based songs from Andrew Pontzen at Robin Ince‘s Bad Science Book Club or Helen Arney preview her upcoming Edinburgh show, “Voice of an Angle“.

Have a banana.

All of the evidence* suggests that the ingestion of science in aural, musical form is effective for the treatment of a wide range of symptoms including disinterest, acute fidgetry, and light-to-mild diarrhea**. Now, while Helen and Andrew’s contributions to the field are most welcome, it’s always important to identify and nurture new sources. Fortunately, Martin Z Austwick (@sociablephysics) and Hayley Birch (@gingerbreadlady) of @GeekPop fame are running a fantastic competition — “Science Song Writer OF THE FUTURE” — to do just that.

Helen and I are just two of the judges involved in the competition (which is supported by @imascientist, the Institute of Physics, the Green Man Festival and the House of Strange) so in a blog-post-tastic join the dots exercise, the soundcloud widget above features a song I first performed at one of the Domestic Science scratch nights (Arney and Wells – also at Edinburgh this year) a few months ago. It’s a song about the Banana Equivalent Dose system, with words inspired by a chat I had with Simon Mayo on Radio 2, produced by my wizard of a brother. Technically the song wouldn’t qualify for the competition — you have to write your own music — but it should give you a flavour of the heavy, heavy punning I’m looking for in the lyric department.

So, if (you==student) {enter the competition}; else {tell everyone you know about the competition} – the entry deadline is the 13th of July!


* I asked a few people in the Green Room last night, and published the findings on a napkin I found on the table next to me.

** 1) This isn’t true, and; 2) such hyphenated classifications are very, very important.

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