NEWS: Science Showoff and TEDx Hull

At the risk of posting something that should probably start with “Just a quick update!“*: I’ll be performing at Science Showoff at the Wilmington Arms on Wednesday 7th December 2011, where I’ll be talking about the Higgs Boson and how some choice quotes in this BBC article will probably lead to some people not getting all that much sleep before Christmas.

Science Showoff is, as compère Steve Cross has noted himself, very much in the Ronseal category of science communication events. It is, you might say, an “open mic [night] for all communicators of science”. It’s somewhere for those who [do/like/love] science to “show-off” [what they do with/why the like/their love of] science. It is run by Louise, Helen and Steve, the last two shows have been brilliant, and (most importantly) it is all for charity. December’s show is in aid of The Calthorpe Project, an ultra-local community garden who run all sorts of activities for residents near the pub. Science Showoff suggests a £5 donation on the night, but if you can’t make it and you want to support the project you can donate online here.

I’m also pleased to announce that I’ll be speaking at TEDx Hull in February 2012, which is run by John Royle of Glanton Solutions Ltd. I’ll post a bit more about it nearer the time, but for those of you who were there at the FameLab 2009 Oxford Regional Final**, I might have to make an emotional visit to North Ferriby while I’m there.

* I’d do something more substantial, but is new and needed at least one post to avoid the “Nothing Found” message; a rare example of where finding nothing isn’t actually the best possible result.

** Yes, all of you.

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